Ride to Work Week – 8-15 October

In a first for the Australian motorcycle industry, all the major motorcycle brands have joined forces to encourage riders across the country to get their motorcycle out of the garage and ride it to work.

The “National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week” will run from October 8 to 15 under a dealer-focused initiative designed to offer riders every opportunity to “get back on the bike” after the winter sabbatical.

It’s seen as a way of celebrating Australia’s motorcycling fraternity and also gathering rider numbers together as a signal to policymakers at all levels of government that the needs of riders should not be ignored.

A dedicated website (www.ridetoworkweek.com.au) will launch this week with messages from, and images of many high profile motorcycle ambassadors, a dedicated Facebook feed and other social media content, with the added bonus of the general public being able to upload images of their motorcycle, and related “ride-to-work” activities.

There is also an events page where riders can create a “Ride to Work” event and invite like-minded people from their workplace / city / town / suburb to meet together and organise a show of numbers for the October ride to work.

The hashtag #RideToWorkWeek is the one for riders to follow.

Australia’s motorcycle dealer network will play its role with a range of support services such as bike safety checks, advice on where to seek rider training, and of course the opportunity to upgrade your current motorcycle to the latest and greatest.

So make plans to join the crowd this October, and prepare for National Ride your Motorcycle to Work Week.

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