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Join The Bear Army!

The idea was born on when someone had a go at me and most of the forum, it seemed, rose to my defence. They were promptly dubbed the Bear Army, and ‘Smee’ asked “does this mean I get to hibernate in a warm cave for the winter, and eat nuts and berries too, and steal pic-a-nic baskets?” The answer is ‘Yes!” and now it’s formal.

Join up, and apart from the above benefits, you will receive a Bear Army t-shirt (don’t forget to mention your size) signed and numbered by me; a Bear Army membership card; a badge; and at least three Bear Army stickers – as well as a two year subscription to Australian MOTORCYCLIST Magazine (added to your current sub if you’re already a member). On top of that you will receive an invitation to at least one special, restricted Bear Army event every year.

This offer is available only to the first 80 people who join (ONE SPOT LEFT!!!), and cost is $250. You can join here and remember to email us at with your T-shirt size! Do it now, and get a low number on your t-shirt!

By the way, the money goes to Australian MOTORCYCLIST Magazine, not to me; like Lord Kitchenbear, I’m just the face of the campaign…

I am hoping that the Bear Army will become an elite intervention force, always ready to assist a brewery, pub or café (with decent coffee) in trouble. And remember, there will only be 80 of us. Unlike some armies, the Bear Army will not be sexist – or ageist, either! It doesn’t matter how old you are, or young, sign up and you’re in. Need I mention that a membership will make a wonderful early Christmas present for the motorcyclist in your life?

I will provide a regular supply of information for use by the Army only, and I expect that we will be doing a few rides from a few locations – for instance, if I’m going to be somewhere for a story or a launch, I’ll try to let you know in time and we can get together for a beer and a catchup.

Join now, or forever regret it!

Peter ‘General Bear’ Thoeming



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