276 Waterworks Road,
Queensland 4060

 (07) 3311 2488

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Description: This Australian company has been on a mission for the past decade to redefine the sector, with its unique patented technology.

Motoinno – short for Motorcycle Innovation – has developed the ground breaking TS³ (Triangulated Steering and Suspension System) to replace antiquated, dangerous, telescopic forks.

Unlike the telescopic fork design used by 90 per cent of the world’s motorcycles, Motoinno’s TS³ technology has been shown to:

– Increase stability and predictability
– Reduce stress and shock loads by shortening the path from the wheel to the chassis
– Eliminate potentially destructive oscillation harmonics
– Improve safety
– Possess a proven higher turn rate for less lean
– Deliver a safer and more stable cornering and braking experience
– Eliminate horizontal and lateral flex while braking
– Remove the unpredictable and dangerous flexibility in steering
– Deliver adjustable dive/anti-dive and take and trail capabilities.

The TS³ technology enables a higher turn rate with less lean and by improving stability and safety, the TS³ racing motorcycle will lap faster than a comparable tele-forked motorcycle.

Importantly, Motoinno’s TS³ design retains the shape and appearance of a traditional motorcycle, while delivering the ultimate riding performance and experience.

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