PO Box 34,
Victoria 3220

 03 5225 1333

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Description: Founded in 1989, JUST AUTO Media comprises one of Australia’s largest privately owned publishing companies, with print and online offerings focused on the delivery of automotive content for niche vehicle markets.

JUST consists of eight marketplaces – JUST AUTO, JUST CARS, JUST BIKES, JUST TRUCKS, JUST HEAVY Equipment, JUST PARTS, JUST 4X4S and Boat Trader.
JUST CARS and JUST BIKES are the top two circulating magazines in their respective Australian genres.

Online, the seven independent JUST AUTO Media websites are a hybrid of classifieds and rich content integrated with social networking. JUST CARS and JUST BIKES were the first websites to integrate these three areas of functionality, following by the other five brands. They break new digital ground and act as the online hub for the enthusiast communities which exist in automotive and boating cultures.

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