IC Nearview Safety Glasses – Rocky Creek Designs

When it comes to motorcycling your vision is critical. As we get older most of us experience some deterioration in our eyesight. These glasses are a great solution for those of you who can see clearly out front, but struggle to read your instrument panel, speedo or GPS. Given the proliferation of ever fluctuating speed zones, this is a pain.

Basically the IC Nearviews are riding glasses with bifocal lenses. The bifocals are available in +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0. Whilst riding you look down the road through the non-magnified lenses and when you want to check your instruments, speedo or GPS you simply look down through the bifocals. How simple is that!

The frames are lightweight, have an Anti Fog Coating and are super flexible. The temples (arms) are very flat so they fit comfortably between your head and the helmet. The lenses come in two different colours, Smoke and Clear. Also available as an optional extra is the Positive Dust Seal. The Positive Dust Seal clips in and out of the frames and protects your eyes from fine dust, pollen, other irritants as well as peripheral light.

Available from the great folk at Rocky Creek Designs – www.rockycreekdesigns.com.au

Go from this…
Go from This
To this!NOT BLURRYClear with dust seal

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