Fogstop Optix Brush Pen

It’s winter, it’s chilly, foggy and occasionally rainy. You’ve probably done your share of swearing inside your helmet because of a fogged visor or glasses.

Visor fogging is easily solved with a good insert. Your glasses fogging behind your visor is something else. Sure you could just open your visor, which will keep your glasses from fogging, but now you’re letting in freezing air. But wait, now it’s raining and you have to close your visor. Big problem.

We’ve all done our share of riding with fogged up glasses, you know the one, tilting your head so you can see out the one corner of your glasses that are not fogged up. Very dangerous!

The clever folk at Rocky Creek Designs have used a number of products with varying degrees of success BUT think they’ve found something that’s “A” Easy to apply, “B” actually works VERY well and “C” one application last quite a long time.

The kit comes with an application pen and a nice microfiber cloth. To apply, unscrew the end off the pen, give the other end 3 or 4 pumps to get the liquid flowing onto the brush, brush/paint your glasses, let dry for 10-15 seconds then lightly wipe off the excess with the supplied cloth.

And, Rocky Designs has found the performance to be excellent… “On a recent ride, six (6) degrees air temp, several layers of clothing on to ward off the cold, including rain gear, having lugged my bags down to the bike, packed it, huffed and puffed and then ridden off…nothing! No fogging. I have ALWAYS ended up with a little fogging but this time nothing”.

You’ll get around 70 applications from the pen, that works out around 50 cents an application. Cheap insurance for clear vision.

RRP: $38.00 and available from

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