BMW Motorrad off-road training, ready for 2016

The popular BMW Motorrad off-road training courses are back in 2016, with a variety of offerings scheduled around the country, including an all new women-only course.

BMW Motorrad Australia general manager, Andreas Lundgren encourages riders who are looking to improve their off road riding confidence to get involved and have a great time.

“BMW off-road training is the perfect way to increase your confidence, improve your skill-set and take your adventure riding to the next level,” Lundgren said.

For over ten years, BMW Motorrad has offered GS specific off-road training. Our instructors are the most experienced and highly qualified in the country.

Riders on other brands of Adventure motorcycles are welcome to attend the all-brand courses, while riders who don’t have a bike of their own are able to rent a GS at selected courses.

The all new women-only course is designed to target the increasing number of females that are getting into adventure riding. The course provides an ideal training atmosphere for like-minded women, who are keen to learn adventure bike skills. Special guest assistant coach for the course is Amy Harburg, who qualified for the international BMW GS Trophy female team.

During the two-day course, participants cover fundamental off-road riding techniques. These basic techniques are the core elements to help you progress from novice to advanced riding.

Skills covered during the course include:

  • Slow-speed maneuvering and control
  • Correct body position/balance
  • Throttle and clutch control
  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Ascending and descending hills safely and with confidence
  • Riding over/around obstacles
  • Creek crossings
  • Sand riding

All courses have strong emphasis on enjoyment and exhilaration, with smiles ever present behind the helmets.

Developed for riders who have confidently exceeded the level 1 program, the level 2 course is on offer. Riders need not immediately progress to level 2 however, with any opting to instead take the level 1 program on multiple occasions, achieving substantial improvements.

If you ride a GS, this is your chance to get even more enjoyment from your riding and have lots of fun as you learn!

Dates and Venues:
(Please note: July – December courses will be announced soon)

April 21 – 22 Dargle, West Sydney (Level 1 SOLD OUT)
April 23 – 24
May 28 – 29
June 18 – 19
Dargle, West Sydney
Mt Seaview, Port Macquarie
Dargle, West Sydney
(Ladies only – Level 1)
(All brands – Level 1)
(Level 1)
June 20 – 21 Dargle, West Sydney (Level 2)
March 17 – 18
June 11 – 12
Pinnacle Valley, Mansfield
Broadford / Melbourne
(All brands – Level 1 and 2)
(Level 1)
Sept 18 – 21 Broadford / Melbourne (Level 1)
Sept 18 – 21 Broadford / Melbourne (Level 2)
April 9 – 10 SA
May 14 – 15
Conondale / Sunshine Coast Adelaide (Level 1 SOLD OUT) (Level 1)

Course Costs:

Level 1 – $695 Two-day course includes lunch, refreshments and T-shirt.
Level 2 – $695 Two-day course includes lunch, refreshments and T-shirt.
Hire Bikes – $300/course. Please email hire bike availability.


Contact: or call 0408 876 080

BMW Motorrad off-road training, ready for 2016

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