Blacked-Out from end to end – Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

Blacked-Out from end to end, the Chieftain Dark Horse delivers pure, premium Indian Motorcycle performance. The Chieftain Dark Horse allows riders to easily customise their ride and turn heads
anyway it goes.

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, has launched the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse, a blacked-out hard bagger that allows riders to easily customise their ride and hit the highway
in head-turning style.

A bagger with undeniable presence, the Chieftain Dark Horse offers a tonne of matte black, a flicker of chrome, and a wealth of features to roll as one of the most bad-ass American-made V-Twin bikes on
the market. The Chieftain Dark Horse® conveys an aggressive attitude that demands attention for all the right reasons.

Powered by a blacked-out version of the celebrated Thunder Stroke 111 engine and built upon the same highly lauded chassis and suspension as the Indian Chieftain, the new Chieftain Dark Horse comes from the factory outfitted with a solo seat and short, tinted power windscreen, yet maintains its spacious power-locking hard bags, ABS, electronic cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring system, premium stereo with AM/FM Bluetooth and smartphone compatible input, and remote key fob with keyless ignition.

To amplify the Dark Horse family attributes, not only are the fenders, fairing, fuel tank and bags blacked out, the iconic Indian Motorcycle headdress, forks, mirrors, handlebars and switch cubes, turn signals, tank console, engine and airbox cover, lower controls, floorboards and taillight housing are also blacked out.

Of course, Indian Motorcycle also offers a large selection of authentic factory accessories to further individualise your already stealthy ride, including new Blackout series accessory air cleaners,
performance cams and slip-on exhausts, as well as pumping up the stereo with 100-watt saddlebag lid speakers.

The Indian Chieftain Dark Horse comes with a two-year unlimited kilometre factory warranty with premium roadside assistance, priced from $34,995 ride away and will be available in dealerships from
late June. For more information visit

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