All new Tracer revealed

YMA is pleased to announce the release of the Tracer, a new model designed as the ultimate weekender.

By combining a dry weight of just 190kg with the popular high torque 847cc triple engine of MT-09, Tracer carves its own niche as a practical yet sporty motorcycle equally comfortable two-up touring or solo scratching.

“This bike is ready to take on the higher capacity bikes from the competition,” says Oliver Grill from Yamaha’s Product Planning department. “Its power-to-weight ratio is great and in the mountains you can ride faster than litre-plus bikes from our competitors.”

He continues “The low weight, combined with the powerful, explosive engine and the practicality of the bike gives Tracer a unique place in the market. Dedicated touring bikes are much heavier and more expensive.”

Engine response system The eager 3-cylinder engine character combines low-rpm torque with high-revving horsepower. It is smoother than a twin, while the engine is narrow for a comfortable knee grip.

Benefitting from the very latest technology that includes fracture split con rods, forged pistons and offset cylinders, this compact and lightweight engine is the potent driving force that has helped to establish the MT-09 and its derivatives as some of today’s most exciting and rewarding motorcycles.

Three engine modes of the D-mode system can be set from a smooth engine response to an aggressive one. “Touring doesn’t need to happen on boring bikes. It can be super fun too!” manager Naoki Koike joins in. “In the past, all round bikes or sports-touring bikes were a compromise. They did everything well but nothing perfectly. With the Tracer we built a bike with no compromise. It does everything on a very high level.”

The new Tracer features the same compact and lightweight CF-aluminium die cast frame that is also used on the original MT-09. With its low weight and controlled balance of rigidity, this agile and responsive chassis delivers outstanding handling performance.

A key design element of this frame is its ultra-slim centre section that has been achieved by mounting the swingarm pivot assembly on the outside of the structure. This has enabled our designers to minimise chassis width at the footrest area to give a greater feeling of controllability and enhanced rider comfort.

Switchable traction control The Tracer features a 3-way adjustable traction control system. This electronic system prevents the rear wheel from spinning by momentarily cutting power to the drivetrain, giving added confidence when riding on slippery or loose surfaces. An important feature is that the system is fully switchable, allowing the rider to turn the system on or off to suit individual preferences.

TCS enabled our engineers to set up the bike with its sporty and responsive engine character, while still giving a feeling of confidence opening the throttle in difficult situations. Slippery city streets, the typically unexpected road conditions in the mountains, even AUS style gravel roads – because a versatile bike should be fit for many situations. “We tested a lot in weekend trip conditions,” explains Oliver, “and paid a lot of attention to all the small practicalities that make your life on the road more enjoyable.”

The MT-09 Tracer offers a different riding position compared to MT-09, designed for long days in the saddle. It is slightly more upright with a lot more space for a passenger.

And there is more: the rear frame allows for compact sidescases – fitted as standard equipment to all AUS models – or a topcase for weekend or day trip necessities. Plus the bike is equipped with a main stand to make servicing easier.

The protective fairing makes it easier to ride long distances, and the windscreen can be pre-set, without tools, in three positions.

The fuel tank has a generous 18 litres capacity, the modern engine has a low fuel consumption good for 300kms between refills. Tracer’s long-stroke suspensions handle any road condition with ease.

The seat is adjustable in two positions, the handlebar position can be moved 1 cm front or backwards and rotated as well to find your best fit.

The handle holder even has an empty M6 bolt thread, for an easy mount of accessories like a GPS. It comes with a 12V outlet as standard, and a second one is available as an accessory.

The dashboard comes from the latest Super Ténéré and includes indications for gear position, outside temperature, fuel level, drive mode settings, traction control settings, accessory grip heater settings, and more.

The MT-09 Tracer is equipped with innovative new twin LED headlights that feature LEDs built into the reflector lenses, and for added convenience the headlights can be adjusted without any tools. Both low and high beams use this technology to produces a sharp and energy efficient light, and the daytime running lights are also low energy LEDs. Located within individual nacelles, these hi-tech twin headlights give the Tracer a unique and distinctive appearance that projects a forceful and aggressive image on the street.

The MT-09 Tracer is equipped with ABS as standard, and to underline its genuine touring, commuting and long distance potential, this new multi-role triple benefits from a range of exclusive new features, including the use of touring tyres (front: 120/70ZR17; rear: 180/55ZR17), as well as the fitment of a standard main stand.

Italian influence Tracer’s design combines influences from different categories. Developed by Yamaha’s R&D centre in Italy, Tracer expresses two built-in characteristics – sporty and versatile
 Front headlight with R-series DNA
 Minimalistic, function-driven build
 Sporty side cowling
 Higher seat with upright riding position
and good view over traffic
 Adventure-style hand protectors
 Functional tail design, with few parts, light and strong
 Suspension setup with relatively long stroke to cope with all kinds of road conditions.
 Clever concept of sports bike that can handle longer trips with ease
 Full aluminium chassis and swingarm
 Beefy USD fork with tapered aluminium handlebar
 115 HP three-cylinder engine with heaps of character
 Ultra light weight construction with only 190 kg dry weight
 YCC-T with D-mode and switchable TCS to personalise interaction with the engine
 Digital dashboard with extensive functions and remote operation by a button on the left handlebar
 Yamaha’s famous build quality and reliability


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