2016 Model Lineup Preview – Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles is a brand wrapped up in performance. Our class-leading motorcycles carry a reputation of reliability, performance, and handling. We engineer modern American muscle into every bike that rolls out of
Spirit Lake, Iowa. This is more than a business to us; we have an inextinguishable passion to push the limits. We build bikes that launch from the green light, blast through city streets, and crave the open road. We build bikes
to win NHRA races. We build bikes to break land speed records, challenges TT circuits and race to the clouds.

Our endurance team is training to circumnavigate the world in 100 days. Our Stunt Team — well, there’s no predicting what they’ll do next. This year, we don’t just talk about performance; we go to all ends of the earth to
prove our commitment to performance. The Victory Motorcycles® 2016 lineup is the most exciting ever, with the muscle, confidence, and technology to inspire riders around the world.

The 2016 Victory Cruiser lineup represents the most aggressive iteration of modern American muscle yet. The Vegas 8-Ball, Hammer 8-Ball, Gunner, High-Ball, Judge, Boardwalk, Hammer S and Jackpot all continue for 2016.

These fan favorites received a straight shot of engineering adrenaline for the New Year, so they’re fired up and ready to take on all challengers.

The 2016 Victory® Bagger lineup is led by the impressive Victory Magnum. This attitude-dripping bagger is on the cutting edge of the custom motorcycle trend. Sitting alongside is the acclaimed Cross Country,
unapologetically putting all other baggers in its rear-view mirrors with an outstanding chassis, delivering superior comfort and handling.

With confidence designed into the blueprints, the Victory® touring lineup is ready for the longest rides through the most diverse conditions. With ABS, Cruise Control, heated seats and grips, adjustable foot controls, fantastic
carrying capacity, and ultimate rider comfort, both 2016 model Cross Country Tour and Vision eliminate any excuse for not hitting the highway.

Full details on the 2016 model lineup will be released closer to launch in the 4th quarter this year.

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